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Can Car Seats Ruined After Being Wet?

Can Car Seats Ruined After Being Wet?

If you've ever left your windows down in the rain while you went elsewhere, you may have thought your seats were wrecked. With this expert help, we'll answer your questions and tell you how to keep your seats from water damage. Don't get wet out there!

If the car seat was completely soaked with water, the padding and other materials inside might be too ruined to be fixed. This could render the seat dangerous, so you'd have to get a new one. But if only the outside of the car seat got wet, it should be fine to air it off and use it as usual.

Leather car seats

Water can't hurt most car seats, but leather chairs can. If your leather car seat gets wet, just use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it down. After that, you might use a leather conditioner to keep it in good shape.

Leather doesn't get wet as easily as other materials used for car seats. When it rained, I forgot to roll up my windows, and my leather car seat got wet. I just took a microfiber cloth and blotted the water until it was gone. Then, just to be safe, I used a leather cleaner/conditioner.

Vinyl car seats

Leather car seats are less likely to get damaged by water than vinyl ones. If you accidentally spill water on your leather car seat, you should clean it as soon as possible. If your leather car seat has gotten so wet from rain or water that it's soaked all through, you might have to change it.

Vinyl car seats are easy to clean, just like leather ones. All you need is some light soap and a damp cloth. You don't want to work with anything too rough or hard because it could hurt the material.

Fabric car seats

Because they are made of materials that soak up water, fabric car seats are the most likely to get damaged by water. If you get water on a linen car seat, use a dry cloth to wipe it up as soon as possible. You might need to change the seat or replace the fabric cover if the seat gets wet.

It would help to use a wet cloth and gentle soap to clean a linen car seat. Again, you don't want to apply anything too hard or rough because it could hurt the material. Make sure to use a clean towel to dry the seat fully after wiping it down.

Baby car seats

Many materials are used to make baby car seats, so it's important to check the manufacturer's directions before cleaning. It would help if you generally wiped the seat with light soap and a wet cloth. Make sure to use a clean towel to dry it off fully afterward. If your baby's car seat has gotten wet, you should get a new one because mold and mildew can grow.

How to Protect Your Car Seats From Water Damage

To keep your car seats in good shape and avoid water damage, all of these things are important and will help you take care of your car seats. 

Don't eat or drink in the car to avoid spills. 

One of the best methods to protect your car seats from water damage is to avoid spills. People often spill when they eat or drink in the car, so try to do this as little as possible. If you have kids, bring easy-to-eat food and beverages that won't make a mess. You can get things like snacks, cereal, and juice boxes. And if you're carrying food or drinks that could spill, place them in cases with lids or wrap them with a towel. 

Immediately clean up any spills.

Wiping up any accidental spills as soon as they appear is crucial to keep water from ruining your car seats. The longer a spill stays on a seat, the more time it requires to soak in and do damage. So, keep some cleaning tools in your car to swiftly clean up any spills. 

Use a seat cover or towel when carrying wet things in the car. 

Protect the seats with a seat cover or a towel if you're taking wet things in your car. This could be beach towels, swimsuits, or wet clothes. Using a seat cover or towel can help keep water from damaging the chairs if it gets on them.

Use a protector for leather or vinyl to keep water away.

As was already said, if your car has leather or vinyl seats, you can use a leather or vinyl protectant to keep water from hurting them. With the help of these items, you can make a shield that will keep water from getting into the seats.

Consider using removable, washable cloth seat covers.

You could also use cloth seat covers that can be removed and washed to protect your car seats from water damage. If you have kids or pets, these are a great choice because they can assist with making the seats fresh and devoid of spills. You can also take them off and wash them if they get dirty. Taking care of your car seats is a big part of ensuring your car stays in good shape.


Water damage to car seats is common and can be stopped. Using the above tips, you can maintain your car seats in good shape and avoid water damage. Please get in touch with us. And if you found this post helpful, please send it to your friends.

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