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Taras 360° Rotating Universal Baby Safety Car Seat

Taras 360° Rotating Universal Baby Safety Car Seat

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Make parent life simpler with this 360° Rotating Universal Baby Safety Car Seat!

Introducing the Taras 360° Universal Baby Safety Car Seat, where safety meets convenience in every rotation. Get ready for a journey where your baby's comfort and security take the front seat!

360° Free Rotation

Effortlessly get in and out of the car with our innovative 360° rotation feature. No more awkward contortions or straining to place your child in the seat. Keep your loved one safe and sound, and let the freedom of 360° rotation do the rest. 

Anti Car Sickness Function

Taras 360° boasts a smooth rotation, which ensures your little one always faces forward, reducing the likelihood of car sickness. Our seat also has a motorized stabilization system, minimizing sudden car motions and enhancing your baby's comfort. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your baby's journey is now not just safe but also nausea-free!

Adjustable Harness System

Secure your little one in style with this 360° Rotating Car Seatallowing you to adjust both the height of your harness and headrest in one easy motion. With its durable build and easy-to-use design, this car seat is perfect for keeping your child safe and comfortable on the go!

3 Ways of Use

Taras 360° features 3 ways of use: patented 5-point harness comfortably holds rear-facing infants from 4 to 40 lbs; a forward-facing harness accommodates children from 22 to 65 lbs; and a highback booster holds kids up to 100 lbs. Enjoy peace of mind and effortless convenience by switching seamlessly between different seating modes.

Adjustable Headrest

Watch your child grow comfortably with Taras 360°. The 10-position adjustable headrest and harness adapt to your child's changing needs, ensuring a perfect fit at every stage of their development.

Heavenly Comfort 

Taras 360° is designed with breathable materials that keep your little one comfortable throughout the day. No more overheating or fussiness during car rides. This baby seat also features a foot pedal system with 5 different gear options, ensuring your children can relax their legs conveniently on the way.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martin Grace
Love the Convenience of this Car Seat

very convenient with 360 degree rotation. it's easy to let baby get into the car seat. I love it!!

Martin Grace
360° Rotating Universal Baby Safety Car Seat Worth it

Normally dont write reviews but going to write the review i needed at the time when i bought it. Previously had a Graco TriRide. Caused my kid to have car sickness, threw up twice in it the week we got it. It was impossible to clean, had to trash it. Tried this one instead. I've had it for over a year at this point. Kid has had maybe two or three car sickness episodes in it due to outside factors, I don't blame the seat. She seems to like it well enough, seems comfy enough and she likes putting stuff in the cup holders.

Cons: it can be difficult to install into car and to tighten the straps on kid. Usually my husband has to install it into the car. I can do it, but I have to push the seat down by sitting in it, and tighten the strap by pulling really hard. It is slightly easier to tighten the install strap by taking the front edge of the car sear cover off just enough to pull the install strap back through the the gap under the cup holder but then you have to get the car seat cover back on. (There are probably other reviews with a better explanation). I dont use the seatbelt installation method because it makes the car seat way too sideways, no matter how loose or tight the seat belt strap is, since the shoulder strap is angled so high. Might be fine when we switch to front facing though. For the actual kid harness, the shoulder straps do get caught and it can get annoying to make sure it's tight enough on the kid if you can't pull it hard enough, because it gets caught on the back opening. But they can get tight enough, just something to be aware of. I knew that when I bought it so wasn't surprised.

Pros: the cover removes and goes back on easy. Slides off. There's 4 buttons. Easy. And it can be DRIED. No more waiting a day or two for it to air dry. I bought it specifically because I wanted to be able to dry the cover.

Cleaning food and vomit - it's not super easy but way easier than the Graco seat we had. I do recommend getting 6inch cotton swab qtips and maybe a few long toothpick/skewers, maybe even a few pipe cleaners to have on hand just in case. But mainly the 6in cotton swabs. Buy them before you need them. Almost all spots can be cleaned, if you angle it right. Not great, harder if you have bigger hands, but not impossible. The ability to get it clean was the number 1 reason I bought this seat. There might be newer, better seats now but this one worked for us!

SO easy to tighten!

This seat is SO SO easy to tighten! The straps are not short at all...not sure where that is coming from. My daughter's head is much more supported. The cup holders are easier for her to get things out of, and the install was a breeze. We're thrilled!
We're adopting a 4 year old boy and I am due with our youngest in November. We ordered 3 of these seats to fit our vehicle and we are so glad we made this choice!

Jordan Lumley
A little bigger then expected but great product!

First off, these seats are so well made and sturdy that I feel confident my daughter will be safe. The padding feels comfortable yet thick. And I love how versatile it is in being able to grow with her. I especially love the fabric on this seat, as we drive a smaller suv with no vents in the back seat which makes it harder to cool a rear facing kiddo. She stays cool and happy during our rides! It’s also so simple to install. We move these around fairly regularly and it takes me maybe two minutes to securely install it each time using the LATCH system!


We bought this car seat a year ago for our toddler son. Having bought 4 previous car seats (one infant, 2 convertible and one for air travel), this is the best we own. The two previous convertibles were both by Britax and they were difficult to recline, hard to clean, and for one of them, the soft parts just kept coming off. If our son fell asleep in any of these, his head would hang, and we had so much difficulty adjusting the recline.

This Taras seat has been perfect! Our son's head is perfectly cradled when he falls asleep. It's super easy to adjust the recline, and our son has been safe in it. He has also been very comfortable and happy to get into his car seat. I just disassembled the car seat so I could clean it and wash the soft good, and it was an easy process. The instructions for disassembling and reassembly are clear and easy to follow. I also like the ease of finding replacement parts (cup holder and crotch strap) from Taras.

We needed an infant car seat for a new baby, and this is the brand we've gotten as well since we now trust Taras.

Highly recommended!

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